The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC) exhibited at last week’s Premiere Vision Paris presenting its My Winter in Linen collection of 100% and linen/wool blend fabrics in both knits and wovens. A highlight was the organisation’s flat knitted linen collection designed and developed by Italian knitwear designer Ornella Bignami.

The only European agro-industrial organization federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen and hemp reports that the exhibition was very successful and the collection attracted a lot of visitors’ attention.


Flax fibre

A living and innovative fibre, flax is reinvented as linen knits and wovens by the industry’s spinners, weavers and knitters.

A versatile and collaborative fibre, flax inspires fresh and unusual combinations that include cashmere, elasthane, lurex, and other materials. A thermoregulating fibre, flax is also said to provide the luxury of gentle warmth and comfort.

Flatbed knitting focus

A capsule collection of eight knitted hats and scarves, from gauge 3 to 12, showed the versatility of 100% linen and linen blend yarns in varied counts Nm2/60 to 2,5 – roving yarn, multi-ply twisted yarns, printed yarns, and more.


Spinners involved in the production of this collection include Cariaggi, Fir Belgium, Hungaro-Len, Iafil, Linificio, Safilin, as well as the knitter Jean Ruiz.


CELC is the privileged spokesperson for 10,000 European companies and it oversees the fibre’s development from plant to finished product.


Created in 1951, the CELC incites reflection, market analyses, industry concertation and strategic orientations. With its CELC Masters of Linen promotional platform, the confederation creates an ideal competitive environment for industry companies. Through its Textile section, it assures the promotion of the European industry in the areas of fashion and lifestyle.