Fenix Knitting (Vietnam). Co. Ltd. – so called Fenix Vietnam – the professional and reliable Supplier of Knitting Sweaters in Vietnam to the world since 1997. Fenix Vietnam continues to build our successes thanks to clear Vision, rigorously maintained Values and above all, its people.

The following pages describe Who we are, What and How we can do.

Over the past two decades, some milestones that made us to be proud of:

June 1996 – Registration Procedure Granted

February 1997 – Grand Opening the Premise Phase 1

February 2002 – Grand Opening the Premise Phase 2

September 2002 – ISO 9001:2000 Certified by QMS

June 2009 – the first 16 sets of Computerized Knitting Machine started operating

November 2011 – WCA Certified by Intertek

April 2015 – Switch to total Computerized Knitting Machines


We believe that Market Leadership is not just about the size, it is also Behavior.


Trust, too, is about Behavior and we recognize that Trust is earned only over a long period of time by consistently delivering on our Promises.

Our reputation is created by the way people act with our Partners. At Fenix Vietnam, People are Value. The company is built up by People and for People. We do respect each person at Fenix Vietnam and commit to give stable development to each one paralleled to the company development.

At Fenix Vietnam, we are family, where people feel safe and sound for their personal growing up as well as their career. Alike a big tree, Fenix Vietnam create them knowledge, skills, and experiences so they can enable their talents unlimited.


Our Premise covers 6,000 square meters in Sepzone Linh Trung 1 – one of the most successful Export Processing Zone in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

Annual output of 500,000 unit of knitting sweaters with varies styles for Men and Ladies, from Children to Adults.

Knitting department equipped by Computerized Knitting Machines with Japan Technology in large range of gauges from 3GG, 5GG, 7GG, 12GG and 14GG. Our skillful programmers are able to create fashionable knitting pattern satisfying the distinguished customers.

Hand Crochet and Hand Embroidery is also considered as our strong selling point that makes us so different in Vietnam production.

Modern finishing departments are key factors that keep the knitting sweater in good quality.